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An Inside Look

Health Talk


Kevin Huang, BSc Pharm Student Feeling cold, tired, and fatigued? These are common symptoms to experience when you lack sleep. When you are dealing with these symptoms on a daily basis, however, it could be a sign of a hormonal…

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Let’s Talk

Kevin Huang, BSc Pharm Student When I was a child, I believed two things: if I was happy, I should laugh to brighten people’s days, and if I was sad, I should try to smile and be brave. Show the…

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A Psychiatric Lens

Kevin Huang, BSc Pharm Student Recall the last scary movie you watched. There’s a good chance it had a stereotypically “crazy” patient locked in the hospital, screaming that they were going to hurt you. I’ll be honest; I was worried…

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The New and Improved Canada’s Food Guide

David Poon, BSc. Immunology and Infection, PharmD Student A Modern Day Food Guide I remember when I was first introduced to Canada’s Food Guide back in elementary school. Now, I’ve almost graduated university (twice), and the guide looks almost the…

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