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Treating Corns and Calluses

Seunga (Jasmine) Han, PharmD Student In our last article, we discussed the differences between corns, calluses, and warts. In today’s article, we’ll talk about various treatment options for corns and calluses, followed by wart treatments in the next article. So,…

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Living with Pain

Kevin Huang, BSc Pharm Student A prescription was presented before my eyes, an opioid. For a second, I stood there staring at the sheet. Another one. This is the fifth copy I’ve seen today, and like every other time, I…

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The Two-Sided of Affair Using Aspirin

David Poon, BSc Immunology and Infection, PharmD Student An Aspirin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Or so we thought. For many years now, it was thought that taking a low dose aspirin may help prevent an initial heart attack…

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