Everything you need to know about treating head lice

Lice, every parent’s worst nightmare. They incite dread about how to manage a child’s symptoms of itchiness and the potential for them to spread to close contacts.

In addition to combing with a lice brush, there are many products in the pharmacy which help tackle lice and it certainly can be hard to choose one! Today’s article be Jasmine Han breaks down your options to help you decide!

Treating Plantar Warts

Previously we discussed the differences between corns, calluses and warts. We discussed how to prevent them as well as how to treat corns and calluses. Today we tackle plantar warts and how to treat these specifically.

Plantar warts don’t have to be treated if they aren’t casing any difficulties – however if you are wishing to remove them, the main options are cryotherapy, salicylic acid and formalin solutions.

Today’s article by Jasmine Han outlines all these treatments in detail!