Are Peanut Allergies a Millenial Problem? Is Immunotherapy the Next Step?

Peanut allergies are common – you yourself or someone you know may have allergies to them. Allergic reactions can vary in severity from mild to severe and life-threatening.

Recently this year an experimental drug was put forth by researchers as a future move to treat peanut allergies and reduce their severity, instead of just treating the reaction itself.

Today’s article by Aaron Chy explains all this and more!

Testing for Strep Throat

RADT – point of care testing at its finest. This simple test takes less then 10 minutes and helps healthcare professionals determine if you have strep throat. By confirming the presence of bacteria through this test, treatment can occur much faster than having to wait for lab results!

Depending on whether Strep throat is viral or bacterial in origin, treatment varies – today’s article by David Poon explains the differences between the two!