Discover the life changing way you can access healthcare services based around your schedule and lifestyle that works for you and your family.



Imagine being able to set up a time and place to meet with a healthcare professional to address your health needs.

You might be thinking, how can someone like me with a hectic work schedule get a simple prescription or refills for my medications at my own convenience?


You might also be thinking, how can I avoid long waiting room times without having to give up quality time with my family and loved ones?



At Orbis, our team of regulated healthcare professionals have experience in managing chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and COPD, depression and anxiety, and insomnia along with minor conditions such as UTIs, cold sores, pink eye, hives, cough and cold and allergies!

Comprehensive Individual Services


Whether it be through the comfort of your own home or at the office, we offer you the most convenient options to save lost work time, and lost time with your family and loved ones so that you don’t need to miss out on those important life events!

With each of our consultations, we’ll provide you with an invoice so that you may be able to reclaim your expenses and we’ll also keep your regular healthcare provider in the loop!


Prescription Management

Have medications you take for your health? Don’t have time to see your physician or wait in a waiting room? Can’t afford to take time off work?

We’re here to help! We’ll be happy to go through your medications to assess whether we can prescribe and renew them for you.


Home Visits

Lengthy wait times, lack of transportation, taking time off from work and lack of mobility are just a few reasons why it can be difficult to see your physician.

We make it easy by offering home visits within the Edmonton and surrounding areas.


Collaboration with Your Primary Care Provider(s)

Often times, our appointments at the doctor’s office are so rushed that we may not get to bring up all of our concerns that we had going into the appointment.

After your appointment with one of our healthcare team members, we’ll send your doctor a summary detailing our discussion of your medications, your questions and concerns and our mutually determined recommendations to manage your health.


Phone Support

Often, patients don’t have questions until after their appointment with their health care provider.

We make it easy to contact us after an appointment with the phone support service that is included with some of our individual health packages.


Invoice for Reimbursement

Why not use your health spending account towards buying you more time with your family?

After your consultation, we’ll be happy to provide you with an invoice so that you can try to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Medication Assessments, Consults and Inquiries

Medications can be complicating and confusing.

We offer comprehensive medication assessments where we’ll sit down with you and go through each of your medications and any questions or concerns you might have to keep you informed about your health.


Bloodwork and Lab Testing

Due for your annual blood work? Feeling fatigued and not sure if you have low iron levels? Want to be proactive with your health and screen for conditions like diabetes or high cholesterol?

We can write up a lab work order for you and go through your results with you to keep you informed on your health!


Smoking Cessation Advice and Consultation

Quitting smoking can be extremely challenging. Many people are often overwhelmed with the amount of products available to quit smoking that they don’t know where to start!

We’ll work with you to determine your needs and healthcare goals as it relates to smoking cessation. We’ll offer you advice and can even prescribe you products to help you succeed in quitting!


Prescription Pick-up/Delivery

Wait times can be lengthy at the pharmacy which is less than ideal, especially after a lengthy wait time at the doctor’s office.

We’ll fax any prescriptions we write up for your employees to their local pharmacy or offer delivery services within our serviced areas.



43% of patients waited 5 or more days before seeing their physician because they could not endure the lengthy waiting room times.

You can continue to take this approach to healthcare, but let’s be frank, if you’ve read up until this point, you wouldn’t have wanted that.


You’re here because you respect your time and want to able to able to access health care services at a time and place thats convenient for you.


After all, your time is as valuable as ours.

Service Options



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Customized Solution

Individual - customized

*Costs for our service are exclusively associated with non-insured medical related expenses such as administrative fees associated with finding the best healthcare professional that can help with your needs, services that are not otherwise paid for by public funding and costs associated with utilities and resources required to provide you with the service you require.

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