Choi Chung

Choi Chung, RPh, BScPharm

Founder, Owner and Healthcare Consultant

Choi is a practicing clinical pharmacist and a pharmacy manager of a community pharmacy located within the inner-city of Edmonton, Alberta. He has been practicing since he received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Alberta.

Within his current practice environment, he works closely with other healthcare providers to provide care for a marginalized population struggling with mental health and substance dependencies. Choi has also had experience working within various community and institutional settings, travel medicine clinics, and even working alongside physicians in the management of medical cannabis therapy for his patients.

Through his practice experience and having personally witnessed family members encounter obstacles that prevented them from obtaining the necessary care they required, he founded Orbis. His vision was to create a healthcare system where accessibility was not limited by one’s mobility, means of transportation, or one’s ability to weather the financial implications of lost work time to attend an appointment. Since Orbis’s founding, Choi has worked closely with his team to consistently deliver quality healthcare services and information using a multi-faceted approach through online healthcare consultations, health articles and health content delivered through various social media platforms.

Aaron Chy

Aaron Chy, PharmD Candidate

Associate Partner and Content Creator

Aaron Chy is an aspiring Pharmacy student in Edmonton with experience in both retail and inner city pharmacy. He received his Bachelor of Science with Distinction at the University of Alberta, and is currently in the process of completing his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree.

Throughout his pharmacy education, Aaron has developed over two years of practical experience, and is dedicated to delivering quality and accessible care to all.

Ahmad Chehade - Biography Image

Ahmad Chehade, PharmD Candidate

Associate Partner and Content Creator

Ahmad Chehade is a practicing pharmacy student attending school at the University of Alberta with experience in various practice settings. He is bilingual and fluent in both English and Arabic. Outside of pharmacy, Ahmad’s background includes health sciences, marketing, and personal training. Ahmad was drawn into the field of healthcare by his passion for genuine interactions with people.

Grateful for his opportunity as an aspiring health care practitioner, he hopes to continue to better the lives of not only his patients, but everyone he meets.