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Kevin Huang, BSc Pharm Student When I was a child, I believed two things: if I was happy, I should laugh to brighten people’s days, and if I was sad, I should try to smile and be brave. Show the…

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A Psychiatric Lens

Kevin Huang, BSc Pharm Student Recall the last scary movie you watched. There’s a good chance it had a stereotypically “crazy” patient locked in the hospital, screaming that they were going to hurt you. I’ll be honest; I was worried…

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The New and Improved Canada’s Food Guide

David Poon, BSc. Immunology and Infection, PharmD Student A Modern Day Food Guide I remember when I was first introduced to Canada’s Food Guide back in elementary school. Now, I’ve almost graduated university (twice), and the guide looks almost the…

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The Two-Sided of Affair Using Aspirin

David Poon, BSc Immunology and Infection, PharmD Student An Aspirin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Or so we thought. For many years now, it was thought that taking a low dose aspirin may help prevent an initial heart attack…

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